AWS Autoscaling Troubleshooting

Exam Question Scenario

EC2 instances fail to launch with Autoscaling configuration


  • Autoscaling configuration requires the following :-
  • Autoscaling launch configuration which allows you to select an
    • AMI
    • Instance type
    • IAM role (optional)
    • Security group
    • Key pair file
  • Autoscaling group configuration allows you to select AZ to be used to launch the EC2 instances with the selected launch configuration

Troubleshooting key points :-

  • AMI id does not exist or is still pending and cannot be used to launch instances
  • Security group provided in the launch configuration does not exist
  • Key pair associated with the EC2 instance does not exist
  • Autoscaling group not found or is incorrectly configured
  • AZ configured with the Autoscaling group is no longer supported cause it might not be available
  • Invalid EBS block device mappings
  • Instance type is not supported in the AZ
  • Capacity limits reached either cause of the restriction on the number of instance type that can be launched in a region or cause AWS is not able to provision the specified instance type in the AZ (for e.g. no more spot instances or On-demand instances availability)


More details @ AWS Autoscaling Developer Guide

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  1. For Q#1, scheduling scaling , document mentioned we need to mention min and max size when we configure scheduling scaling. But you mentioned ‘Maxsize’ is not required to create schedule scaling. Can you please clarify ?

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