AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification Exam Preparation Guide

I recently cleared the AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification Exam with 93% after almost 2 months of preparation

Topic Level Scoring:
1.0 High Availability and Business Continuity: 100%
2.0 Costing: 75%
3.0 Deployment Management: 100%
4.0 Network Design: 85%
5.0 Data Storage: 90%
6.0 Security: 92%
7.0 Scalability & Elasticity: 100%
8.0 Cloud Migration & Hybrid Architecture: 85%

NOTE: if you are looking for Solution Architect & SysOps Associate preparation guide please check my blog post

Solution Architect – Professional exam is quite an exhaustive exam with 77 questions in 180 minutes and covers a lot of AWS services and the combinations how they work and integrate together. However, the questions are bit old and has not kept pace with the fast changing AWS enhancements

Exam covers a lot of topics and their integration with other AWS Services, would suggest to know

40 thoughts on “AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification Exam Preparation Guide

  1. Congrats Jayendra. After clearing AWS architect, do you think the topics that you have covered by way of Q/A, are they asked in exam.
    I am sure not all but some. Can you put a red * in front of your questions in the blog if they are?

  2. Congrats Jayendra. Thank you for this amazing blog, AWS exam prep not complete without this blog. Hope you continue updating this blog.

    What are your next move ? AWS – devops or Azure ?

  3. Nicely done and Congratulations!!!! You crushed it by being well prepared and focused. Thank you for sharing your study notes as they have been very helpful on my own AWS journey. Again, nicely done!

  4. Congratulations! Did you see any of the same SAA questions on the SA Pro exam? Where there any easy questions like on the SAA exam?

  5. Kinesis for real time streaming and analytics, parallel outputs, and stores data up to 12 hours by default
    I think it’s 24 hours.

    Thank you very much for your blog. I’m gonna sit the PRO exam soon and your blog would be the best source for me.

    1. Associate exam are relatively simpler if you are well prepared. Just make sure you go through the preparation blog post to cover the right topics, whitepapers and you should sail through.

    2. Hi Sanjay,
      I took the CSA exam in Jan and scored 90%. From a difficulty position, this is what is see:

      Developers Associate > Architect Associate > Sysops Assocciate

      I used Ryan Kroonenberg CSA course and also prepared via Cloudacademy android app for exam simulation. You need to cover only important topics as Jayendra says and prep with sample exams questions to ace the exam.

  6. Hi, Could anyone please let me know how will I implement the below real-time scenario:

    “OIM will integrate a Web Service hosted on AWS”

  7. Hello Jayendra,

    Amazing stuff, congrads!

    Any thoughts / blogs on Associate Solution Architect exam ?


  8. Congrats!!!Awsome!!!Jayendra!!! What you have achieved is amazing. You also helped the community to pass the exams through this blog. That shows you are wonderful human being. Thanks a lot!!.

  9. Thanks Jayendra. This is really big achievement.
    You are doing really good job in helping others to get in-depth knowledge on this. Person like me who is a bit lazy need such help 🙂 :).

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