AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C01 Exam Learning Path (Obsolete)

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C01 Exam Learning Path (Obsolete)

SAA-C01 is Obsolete now, Please refer SAA-C03 Learning Path

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C01 exam is the latest AWS exam and would replace the old CSA-Associate exam. It basically validates the ability to effectively demonstrate knowledge of how to architect and deploy secure and robust applications on AWS technologies

  • Define a solution using architectural design principles based on customer requirements.
  • Provide implementation guidance based on best practices to the organization throughout the life cycle of the project.

Refer AWS_Solution_Architect_-_Associate_SAA-C01_Exam_Blue_Print

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate February 2018

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C01 Exam Summary

  • AWS has updated the exam concepts from the focus being on individual services to more building of scalable, highly available, cost-effective, performant, resilient and operational effective architecture
  • Although, most of the services covered by the the old exam are the same. There are few new additions like API Gateway, Lambda, ECS, Aurora
  • Exam surely covers the architecture aspects in deep, so you must be able to visualize the architecture, even draw them out in the exam just to understand how it would work and how different services relate.
  • Be sure to cover the following topics
    • Networking
      • Be sure to create VPC from scratch. This is mandatory.
        • Create VPC and understand whats an CIDR.
        • Create public and private subnets, configure proper routes, security groups, NACLs.
        • Create Bastion for communication with instances
        • Create NAT Gateway or Instances for instances in private subnets to interact with internet
        • Create two tier architecture with application in public and database in private subnets
        • Create three tier architecture with web servers in public, application and database servers in private.
        • Make sure to understand how the communication happens between Internet, Public subnets, Private subnets, NAT, Bastion etc.
      • Understand VPC endpoints and what services it can help interact
      • Understand difference between NAT Gateway and NAT Instance
      • Understand how NAT high availability can be achieved
      • Understand CloudFront as CDN and the static and dynamic caching it provides, what can be its origin (it can point to on-premises sources)
      • Understand Route 53 for routing, health checks and various routing policies it provides and their use cases mainly for high availability
      • Be sure to cover ELB in deep. AWS has introduced ALB and NLB and there are lot of questions on ALB
      • Understand ALB features with its ability for content based and URL based routing with support for dynamic port mapping with ECS
    • Storage
      • Understand various storage options S3, EBS, Instance store, EFS, Glacier and what are the use cases and anti patterns for each
      • Would recommend referring Storage Options whitepaper, although a bit dated 90% still holds right
      • Understand various EBS volume types and their use cases in terms of IOPS and throughput. SSD for IOPS and HDD for throughput
      • Understand Burst performance and I/O credits to handle occasional peaks
      • Understand S3 features like different storage classes with lifecycle policies, static website hosting, versioning, Pre-Signed URLs for both upload and download, CORS
      • Understand Glacier as an archival storage with various retrieval patterns
      • Glacier Expedited retrieval now allows object retrieval within mins
      • Understand Storage gateway and its different types
    • Compute
      • Understand EC2 as a whole
      • Understand Auto Scaling and ELB, how they work together to provide High Available and Scalable solution
      • Understand EC2 various purchase types – Reserved, On-demand and Spot and their use cases
      • Understand Reserved purchase types with the introduction of Scheduled and Convertible types
      • Understand Lambda and serverless architecture, its features and use cases. How do you benefit from Lambda?
      • Understand ECS with its ability to deploy containers and micro services architecture
      • Know Elastic Beanstalk at a high level, what it provides and its ability to get an application running quickly
    • Databases
      • Understand relational and NoSQLs data storage options which include RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora and their use cases
      • Aurora has been added to the exam and most of time the questions refer to Aurora given its abilities for multiple read replicas and replication of data across AZs
      • Understand S3 is not a storage option for database
      • Understand RDS features – Read Replicas for scalability, Multi-AZ for High Availability, Automated Backups, underlying volume types
      • Understand DynamoDB with its low latency performance, DAX
      • Understand DynamoDB provisioned throughput for Read/Writes
      • Know ElastiCache use cases, mainly for caching performance
    • Analytics
      • Not much in deep, but understand what the services are and what they can do
      • Understand Redshift as a business intelligence tool
      • Know Kinesis for real time data capture and analytics
      • Atleast know what AWS Glue does, so you can eliminate the answer
    • Security
      • Understand IAM as a whole
      • Focus on IAM role and its use case especially with EC2 instance
      • Understand IAM identity providers and federation and use cases
      • Understand MFA and How would implement two factor authentication for your application
      • Understand encryption services
      • Refer Disaster Recovery whitepaper, be sure you know the different recovery types with impact on RTO/RPO.
    • Management Tools
      • Understand CloudWatch monitoring to provide operational transparency
      • Know which EC2 metrics it can track. Remember, it cannot track memory and disk space/swap utilization
      • Understand CloudWatch is extendable with custom metrics
      • Understand CloudTrail for Audit
      • Have a basic understanding of CloudFormation, OpsWorks
    • Integration Tools
      • Understand SQS as message queuing service and SNS as pub/sub notification service
      • Understand SQS features like visibility, long poll vs short poll
      • Focus on SQS as a decoupling service
      • AWS has released SQS FIFO, make sure you know the differences between standard and FIFO

NOTE: I have just marked the topics inline with the AWS Exam Blue Print. So be sure to check the same, as it is updated regularly and go through Whitepapers, FAQs and Re-Invent videos.

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C01 Exam Resources

AWS Cloud Computing Whitepapers

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Contents

Domain 1: Design Resilient Architectures

  1. Choose reliable/resilient storage.
  2. Determine how to design decoupling mechanisms using AWS services.
  3. Determine how to design a multi-tier architecture solution.
  4. Determine how to design high availability and/or fault tolerant architectures.

Domain 2: Define Performant Architectures

  1. Choose performant storage and databases.
  2. Apply caching to improve performance.
  3. Design solutions for elasticity and scalability.

Domain 3: Specify Secure Applications and Architectures

  1. Determine how to secure application tiers.
  2. Determine how to secure data.
  3. Define the networking infrastructure for a single VPC application.

Domain 4: Design Cost-Optimized Architectures

  1. Determine how to design cost-optimized storage.
  2. Determine how to design cost-optimized compute.

Domain 5: Define Operationally-Excellent Architectures

  1. Choose design features in solutions that enable operational excellence.

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  1. Typical question… If you can choose and you already started studying, would you go for the old one or the new one? Thank you!

    1. Go for the newer one, only reason being the services and features covered in the new exam are latest for e.g. Lambda, ALB, ECS, API Gateway and the questions are more at the level for Solution Architect rather a bit of developer as was for the last exam.

      1. I took my exam today, and failed with 700 mark, requiring 720 pass mark.
        AWs said I need to improve on domain-3-specify-secure-applications-and-architectures, and designing-cost-optimized-architectures/. I used ACG, LA, course material, udemy/la/acg practice exams. Also did an official AWS training course, with practice labs, and utilized quicklabs. i’ve rescheduled for two weeks.

        where do you think i could improve.

        1. The courses and there practice exams are not enough to clear the exam, as i have mentioned on the post. Go for practice exams, the scenario based questions can help you to think and dig deep.

          1. I took my exam and passed with a higher score of 771. TBH I wasn’t expecting it but pleasantly surprised, as I thought the exam today was much harder than the last.

            Lof multiple choice and complex use case scenario based questions. I took your advice and bought exam prep from braincert.

            You are right, it’s about learning to think and problem solve the scenario they pose in the question. Which AWS cert do you recommend next?

          2. Passed my exam yesterday 771. Braincert did help a lot in terms helping to train my mind to think about the scenario based question and working out the solution. TBH I did not think i was going to pass the second time around as the test appeared to be much harder than the one from the first attempt. I was pleasantly surprised with an even better score.

            Thanks Jayendra.

  2. Hi Jayendra,

    I have just passed my SAA (Feb 2018) exam. I have been reading a lot on this blog during my preparation for the SAA exam, and I can definitely recommend this site to my friends who are studying for AWS certification.

    Following are some topics that I have seen in my exam:
    Disk utilisation metrics on Unix and Windows
    VPC Cloud watch metrics
    Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)

    1. Congrats David …. and Thanks for your feedback, surely helps others.

      1. Hi David, Congratulations on passing your exam.

        Jayendra, One of my friends suggested your site. Happy to see its well organized and maintained. Definitely helps students like me.

        This question goes out to you both; I intend to take up this exam and wanted to know how long it took to get your results? I guess the earlier Beta took almost 3 months. Hopefully that is not the case anymore and you did get the results soon after the exam.


  3. Great article Jayendra, I regularly follow your blog. I am preparing for aws certificates, and really your post has given em good insiights. Keep writing such good posts.

  4. I would like to thank you Mr Jayendra Patil and your blog for enable be to clear the AWS Solution Architect Feb 2018 exams last week. The topics covered here and the sample questions gave me an insight to the assessment objectives. While I read the various whitepapers and material available on the aws training site, the content here really helped me focus on the key learning areas.
    Thank you once again. Please do keep up the good work

  5. Hi Jayendra, I cleared the SAA exam (Feb 2018 release). I come from a Network background so concepts on storage, compute, database are new to me. Your blogs has helped me in not only understanding AWS but also how all these components operate in a DC environment. The exam had a lot of questions on Database, API, Lambda.There were questions on VPC and EC2 as well. Happy to have achieved a non networking certification. Thanks for helping me.

    1. Sorry it was limited time i think, not sure if the team updated the price already.

  6. Sir, I am done with preparation. I am not 100% confident on Scenario based questions. If its DIFFICULT level which format is better OLD one or NEW one?…I am planning to take OLD one as I am prepared that pattern

  7. Jayendra Sir,

    could you pleae tell me correct answer for this

    Which technique can be used to integrate AWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) with an on-premise LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory service?

    A. Use an IAM policy that references the LDAP account identifiers and the AWS credentials.
    B. Use SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) to enable single sign-on between AWS and LDAP.
    C. Use AWS Security Token Service from an identity broker to issue short-lived AWS credentials.
    D. Use IAM roles to automatically rotate the IAM credentials when LDAP credentials are updated.
    E. Use the LDAP credentials to restrict a group of users from launching specific EC2 instance types

    Your security team requires each Amazon ECS task to have an IAM policy that limits the task’s privileges to only those required for its use of AWS services.
    How can you achieve this?
    A. Use IAM roles for Amazon ECS tasks to associate a specific IAM role with each ECS definition.
    B. Use IAM roles on the Amazon ECS container instances to associate IAM roles with each ECS task on that instance.
    C. Connect to each running Amazon ECS container instance and add discrete credentials.
    D. Root each Amazon ECS task programmatically to generate new instance metadata for each task.

  8. Hi Jayendra,

    I have been studying for a few weeks after taking a acloudguru course on the solutions architect associate. I took the practice exam but failed with a 60%. Here are the results:

    Topic Level Scoring:
    1.0  Design Resilient Architectures: 88%
    2.0  Define Performant Architectures: 42%
    3.0  Specify Secure Applications and Architectures: 33%
    4.0  Design Cost-Optimized Architectures: 50%
    5.0  Define Operationally-Excellent Architectures: 100%

    Do you have suggestions for what I should focus my studying on? It’s SO MUCH information!

    Thank you.

    1. A Cloud Guru Course is not enough to clear the exams. The topics covered in the new exam and varied and detailed. Concentrate on the weaker areas. Follow the learning path, do the practice exams, go through the documentation and FAQs and you should be good to clear the exams.

  9. Sir, I am planning to take this exam(OLD) format.Gone through your blog. Need to prepare practice tests. Could you please help me with Questions or any coupan codes for me to enroll

  10. Just an FYI, I’m not sure if you meant to use the same link for ELB and ALB above. The “ELB” link in the first sentence takes you to the ALB blog entry. I was able to go through tags and find the blog about ELB so I’m not sure if you meant to use that link for that first hyperlink (

    “Be sure to cover ELB in deep. AWS has introduced ALB and NLB and there are lot of questions on ALB”

  11. I have recently cleared the SAA Feb 2018 exam with 88.9 % . I read through the blogs a lot during final weeks of my preparation for the SAA exam. These are very helpful for the preparation and attempting exam. Thanks a lot Jayendra for your blogs and updating them with the changes or additions happening in the AWS services. Really commendable !!

    1. Hi Hitesh – Could you please guide me, After my preparation when i took practise test.. I felt difficulty in Scenario based Questions…
      NEW FORMAT is having more scenario based Qs than OLD Format…

      Which one you feel easier? Thanks in adavnce…

      1. Both the exams are scenario based. However the scenarios are not that complex. If you have not booked the exam, go for the NEW format as it covers the latest services and enhancements.

      2. Hi Arjun,

        I have not much idea about old format as I directly gave the new format SAA Feb 2018 exam and yes most of the questions are scenario based in it.


  12. Thanks a lot, Jayendrapatil for provide such useful information to passed the SAA exam by today I will for sure unable passed the exam without access to your blog.

    You’re the best and you’re the man!!!

  13. Hi Jayendra, all

    I passed the exam on last July with 789. I have to say I was preparing the exam for three months reading a lot of documentation, white-papers, FAQS and doing several labs and even like that, the exam resulted difficult for me, even when doing practice tests I only failed one or two questions.

    The majority of questions on the new exam are scenario-based questions. Every question, for the most part, will make you think through AWS concepts. One advise from my side for new students is to have clear all the services from AWS and then, don’t over-think too much the questions on the exam and take the first answer it sound reasonable for you and why the other answers could be incorrect or you will lose a lot of time in every question and you will get nervous because I even forgot my name during the exam..hahaha

    The questions come from a pool of questions so there is no way of knowing which subjects will be on the exam. In any case, these were the services I got questions in my exam:

    ELB & ALB
    NAT Gateway
    RDS (Aurora)
    Security Groups + ACLS
    S3 + SSE-C + SSE-S3 + SS3-KMS
    Route53 – zone apex DNS (alias)
    ASG (Fault tolerant + Scheduled)
    Redshift (encryption)
    EBS + Instance Store
    Storage Gateway
    VPN concepts
    Gateway API

    All the best and thanks a lot for these great documentation,

  14. Hi

    I am having aws certified solution architect associate exam on 30 august
    Can you please help me out, is it possible to prepare within 20 days as I am not having much knowledge about aws. And how should I prepare????

  15. HI Jayendra,

    I am practising papers in whiz labs, is these are sufficient or i need anyother please let me know.

    1. Haven’t checked on whizlabs, but have good feedback for latest exams for Braincert from other users.

  16. Don’t completely depend on Whiz labs..the actual exam is completely on scenario based and you need to think and apply the concepts and have to answer.

  17. Hi Jayendra,
    I cleared SAA exam with 789/1000 with the help of your blog and question set .after reading your blogs my all confusion was cleared and i have recommended my all friend to read your blogs.I have taken acloudguru ,LinuxAcdemy but they are not sufficient .Great work and efforts done by you ,many many thanks

  18. Hi Jayendra, Thanks for your very valuable site. I was recommended this site by a friend who’d scored 100 % in AWS last year. You are indeed doing a service to us people.

    Now, this has reference to the Networking part that you mentioned above — is there any resource which covers VPC, CIDR in detail

  19. Hi Jayendra,

    Many thanks to your valuable site. It has very useful tips. I started with ACloudGuru’s course which has good lab exercises and useful. That was not enough as you mentioned.

    I crash coursed Eissa’s DolfinEd course on Udemy and took Jon Bonso’s practice exams.

    It was a good boost and I was able to give my exam confidently and got 886.

    Thanks for taking the time to offer advice to the community. You are a hero man. I landed on your site by chance, should thank fate too 🙂

    Best regards,

    1. HI Sriniva and Jayendrapatil,

      i took course on acloudguru and i don’t feel confident taking exam but i already scheduled exam. I’m not sure to rescheduled exam or take exam.

      If i reschedule and prepare Eissa course on Udmey will that help me pass exam or do i also need to go through AWS white papers and all FAQ’s?

      Can you please help me know how move forward.

      your suggestions and guidance are mostly appreciated

      Thanks in advance.

    2. HI Sriniva and Jayendrapatil,

      i took course on acloudguru and i don’t feel confident taking exam but i already scheduled exam. I’m not sure to rescheduled exam or take exam.

      If i reschedule and prepare Eissa course on Udmey will that help me pass exam or do i also need to go through AWS white papers and all FAQ’s?

      Can you please help me know how move forward.

      your suggestions and guidance are mostly appreciated

      Best Regards,

      1. Single online course is enough, if you have already purchased. I would recommended get braincert practice tests listed and make sure you solve all the questions and understand the underlying concept. That way you can build your confidence and also prepare for the exams.

  20. Hi Anurag/Jayendra-
    1. For new pattern, Could you please help with main topics, And preparation flow…That helps..

    Are Questions coming from Whizlabs/braincert? How should i know i am good to take exam

    Thanks in adavance

    1. Pattern and topics are listed in the post and are pretty much covered in the exam. So be sure to cover them. I have good feedback for Braincert exams for the coverage for the latest exams.

  21. Hi Jayendra,
    Thanks for this wonderful blog. I need to get my recertify for AWS SA Architect. Which pattern should I follow for this.

    1. Instead of re-certifying Associate, i would recommend going for Professional. You might have received a 50% coupon if your certificate is expiring, so the cost would be the same. Else, Feb 2018 is the only option now, so you can prepare for it.

  22. Hi – My background is 10+years in QA. Though i am aware of AWS concepts and are now going through free videos of AWS Essentials in Linux Academy-You tube. could you suggest on ways to get Solution Architect Associate certified with no background on code deployment or networks.
    kindly suggest on Linux Academy as well as i am not sure if its for someone with no background as its quite expensive

  23. Hi Jayendra,

    Passed the exam with 90 percentage. Thanks for supporting..This is really good forum. I am suggesting my friends who are all preparing for exam.

    I need to stop the specific instance on specific time. Is it possible?

    I do not want use CloudWatch Alaram to stop the instance.

  24. Congrats Klakston—
    Could you please explain how the exam was, I am planning this month.

    What all main topics needs to be focused…
    What is flow of preparation needed…
    Any questions banks available..

    Appraciate ur time

  25. Hi Jayendra –

    You covered many scenario based question after every topic, Is that enough for taking exam?

    Or still i have to go through some practise test.

    1. They are good, but do not cover the latest services ones. You can try the Braincert practice tests, they have a good coverage.

  26. Hi Jayendra,

    I am planning to take up AWS Architect Associate certification. Which one is the best for practice exam on Braincert or Whizlabs? Just saw random review comments on ‘Whizlabs’ that’s also good. Please suggest for sure to pass the exam.

  27. I’m planning to take the Associate architect exam (new format) in couple of weeks.
    I have few questions. Any help/info appreciated . Thanks.

    How many total questions will be asked ?

    Each question same score weightage ?

    #Total 1000 points.. and 720 points required to pass – is that correct ?
    #What’s the time duration to complete the exam ?
    #What’s the ratio of scenario vs easy quick answer questions in the new format ?
    #Any scenario questions in exam match close to what we see in Jayendra blog ?
    #What topics are focused and frequently appears in exam ?

    1. This jayendrapatil blog is very useful and thorough. Also I am taking braincert quiz which is also very good. Any any info on the above questions regarding exam is appreciated. I am planning to take exam in next 2 weeks. Thanks.

  28. Hi Jayendra,

    I have need an answer for this below question.

    I am confused between option “a” and “c” , as both look much similar,
    I would go for option “c” as it looks more convincing but want to know the exact answer.

    Q. You have EC2 instances sitting behind the ELB, You need 4 instances always to be available,
    How would you place them in a most cost effective way?

    a) 4 in AZ-a , 4 in AZ-b and none in AZ-c
    b) 2 in AZ-a, 2 in AZ-b and 4 in AZ-c
    c) 2 in AZ-a, 2 in AZ-b and 2 in AZ-c
    d) 4 in AZ-a ,2 in AZ-b and 2 in AZ-c

    1. Cost effective way is the key as option a. you would have 8 instance running, while with option c. you would have 6 instances running, satisfying the criteria of 4 instances always available.

    2. Also, adding to the Jayendra’s point- Even if one instance is down you will have 4 instances always available.

  29. Hi Jayendra,
    I am bit late to find out about your blog, I appeared on SAA test recently and failed 698 🙁
    I did all wizlabs tests twice and cloudguru training but couldnt make it.

    Can you pelase advise what I should focus on or shall I try for Cloud practitioner, as I have lost my confident that I can pass the test again.

    Appreciate your time and response.

    1. You need to go through the topics and services mentioned in the learning path and make sure you understand the concepts. I have tried to cover all of them that I saw on the exam.
      Haven’t check Whizlabs for new exam, but Braincert Exams feedback has been quite good, so I would recommend those.
      Would not recommend giving Cloud Practitioner as you have already prepared for CSA.

      1. Hi jayendrapatil,

        i have scheduled my exam on 29 Dec 2018, as i have read your blogs,completed course from Udemy (A cloud guru) and competed all practice test of Whiz lab after that i am not confident to give the exam as i failed in all practice test. Please advice on this and looking forward for your response. Thanks.

        1. Hi Anil,
          A Cloud Guru is good to get started but surely does not cover all the topics and the depth.
          I usually recommend Braincert practice exams, as the feedback from other users have been good.
          The key though is to understand the question, and the answers with the underlying concepts.
          Also, very important to know why the other answers are wrong.
          This should enable you to clear the exams with ease.

          All the best ..

          1. Hi jayendra, I failed in csa exam which was held on 29 December, please advise me what i need to prepare in order to pass the exam again.

          2. you need to check what areas you basically scored less in the exams. Make sure you cover all the relevant topics. Be sure to understand the concepts. Do a bit of hands on like creating a full fledged VPC with security groups, NACLs, routes and subnets. Practice on the practice tests and be sure to understand the underlying concept for both the right and wrong answers and you should not only be able to learn but also clear the exams.

  30. Hi Sir,

    Now I’m a mean stack developer. I would like to learn and place the AWS solution Architect. So What are the skills should I know before learning AWS solution Architect? Please guide me.

    1. I don’t think there are any pre-requisites. There is no need for any language or platform. You should be able to start on AWS and pick up everything.

  31. Hi Jayendra,

    I passed my SAA exam this week in reinvent. Your blog site was really helpful in getting me cross the line. I did the acloudguru videos, but that was not enough. Keep up the great job and appreciate your help !

  32. Thank you Jayendra Patil. You have done a great job with these blogs. Your blogs truly helped me understand concepts better and clear the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam. Highly Recommended!!

  33. Thanks for all the training you provided for SAA exam. I recently gave the exam and successfully passed it. Thanks again for all the help..

  34. Hello Jayendra
    Passed by associate architect exam today and your blog is excellent and had a major role in my result.Many thanks for the awesome work you have done and you are really helping lot of people.keep up the great work


  35. Hi Jayendrapatil,

    I have been studying AWS CSA and plan to take it a few weeks..
    I have watched your recommended videos and went thru most of the QnA parts.
    But still I’m not confident when I take some practice exams.

    You listed Braincert for practice test and you said that some users said it was helpful.
    Many questions from the braincert practice test came on the real exam? Do you think just understanding and memorizing the questions on the braincert will help me to pass the exam?

  36. Hi Jayendrapatil,

    I have been studying AWS for long time and watched your recommended video and went thru many QnA sessions..

    But I’m not still confident if I take some practice tests.

    You listed braincert for practice test and you mentioned that some users said it was helpful.

    Do many qustions on the braincert test come up on the real exam?

    Just understanding and memorizing the questions on the braincert will help me to pass the real exam?


    1. I don’t recommend memorizing the answers as the questions would not be the same.
      Best approach is to understand the concept and you will good enough to clear the exams with ease.

  37. Hi all,

    i had class room training for AWS, also i went through many of the youtube videos to learn AWS.
    i am planning to take up exam this month. m finding it difficult to learn all the services. i was thinking of ignoring some of the services like beanstack, lamba,aurora, just to make sure i dont forget other things which i have studied well.

    Please provide your valuable suggestions..

  38. Hi Jayendra,

    Thanks a lot for this awesome blog. I learned a lot from your notes and it took me almost a month to finish off all key blogs related to Solution Architect Associate. I have passed my exam with 939 marks and thanks once again for helping me study. I have recommended your blog to others via acloudguru forums. Please see the link below


  39. Hello Jayendra,

    Thank you for your Service on this platform to help others.

    I am interested to study on AWS SAA and for this i have enrolled in Acloudguru to learn on the point of exam.
    acloudguru videos are enough to take exam or What next that i have to do ?

    Mohan Urs

    1. A Cloud Guru course is good, but it would help cover only 50% of the exam. You need to go through the FAQs, Whitepapers and read through the services. If you can, purchase braincert practice tests and make sure you cover the concepts in them for both right and wrong answers and the reference marked. This way you not only clear the exam but are also prepared to work on AWS.

  40. Hi Jay,

    I took my exam Dec 19th and failed with a score of 700. Needing only improvement on the Define Performant Architecture. I was very close but to be honest I thought I was going to fail with a much worse score. The questions where much more difficult than what I’ve come across. I flagged about 10 questions which I had about 10 minutes to go back too. I just ended the exam thinking I was going to fail it. The questions where 90% scenario based. There were 2 answers very close together that I couldn’t tell which was right so I ended up guessing on a lot of questions.
    I believe that I understand the concept well enough. A friend recommended this blog to me. I plan on retaking the exam in a month and will like you to direct me to resources that will be useful. I’ve used the following resources previously.

    A Cloud Guru (Udemy Video)
    Whizlabs (Was getting over 90% before taking the exam)
    Paid $20 for the useless PSI practice exam and scored 80%.

    I just paid for this Jon Bonso practice exam in Udemy before seeing this blog. Reading through the blog I noticed that you recommended Braincert. Will apprecaite your advise.

    PS(I come from a Network and Securities background with CCNP certifcation)

    1. I usually recommend braincert exams as the feedback has been good and they relate to the exams. Irrespective of that, as you mentioned 700 it really very close. I think you missed by a question or two. Go through the practice tests, make sure you understand the reason behind both the right and wrong answers and go through the relevant AWS documentation, and I think you should be clear it easily in your next attempt.

  41. Hi Jayendra,

    I am new to AWS and would like to learn from the basics and later take up this exam. May I know how long will it take to complete learning or the ideal time to be spent on clearly understanding the concepts?
    I do not want to rush up for the exam without spending the right amount of time required for the learning. Please guide

    1. Hi Anju, it depends on the amount of time you can spend. It can take around 2-3 months to get you started and understand the concepts of AWS and that would prepare you for the exams as well. You can check the online courses listed on resources.

  42. Hi Jayendra:-
    First of all, I would like to sincerely appreciate your effort in maintaining this blog…

    I took the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam on 12/31/18 and successfully completed it.

    Your blog is very informative and has been one of the main reasons for me to be able to clear this certification.

    Thank you so much.

  43. I passed my solutions-architect-associate exam on 29th DEC.thanks to a cloud Guru course and special thanks to Jayendra for his wonderful blogs.All question were scenarios based and multiple choice.Gone through Udemy practices test (700+ question) and Wizlabs practice test (400+ question).read SSA User Guide Book as whole and done the labs. VPC labs is must.Spent around 2.5 month to achieved this certification.

  44. Passed solutions-architect-associate exam on 29th DEC.Thanks to Jayendra for his wonderful blog.Great support during my exam preparation.Thanks to A cloud Guru Course for their course.Apart from these items i took Udemy practice test (700+ Question) and Wizlabs (400+).Question pattern were similar to practice test . Exam was not easy almost all question based on real world scenarios & multiple choice.

  45. Passed solutions-architect-associate exam on 29th DEC.Thanks to Jayendra for his wonderful blog.Great support during my exam preparation.Thanks to A cloud Guru Course for their course.Apart from these items i took Udemy practice test (700+ Question) and Wizlabs (400+).Question pattern were similar to practice test . Exam was not easy almost all question based on real world scenarios & multiple choice.

    1. Hi shailendra, i have given the exam on 29 December but failed i had read jayendra blog, a cloud guru from udemy and completed all practice test of whizlab snd was fully confident to give exam but no luck. Pls advise.

      1. How much you scored if it is bit lesser than 720 then it is matter of 2 or 3 question being wrongly answered .I know this is pianful for losing the exam .I have luckey to get 5 questions may start to through white paper,FAQ if not done can also have a look case study a little bit and reference architecture provided by will definitely succeeded by having all these.

  46. Hi Jayendra:-
    I would like to sincerely appreciate your effort in maintaining this blog.

    The blog is very informative and up to the point. This helped me in clearing my AWS Solutions architect associate exam on 12/31/2018.

    Thanks again.

  47. Sincere Thanks to Jayendra for his contribution to AWS knowledge community. 🙂

    I cleared my AWS Solution Architect Associate with 916 score. I read and understood all the topics which are mentioned on Jayendra’s Blog.
    Also I took ACG Ryan’s course and took Neal Davis practice exam on Udemy which helped in course contents, time management and exam orientation.

    Now, I am planning to do AWS Big Data Specialty. Could you please suggest good pointers to me.

  48. Hi jaya,

    thanks for your documentation, need your support for below question.

    Your are designing a high performance computing (HPC) cluster, will launch 20 Amazon EC2 r3.2xlarge instances into a placement group you need the highest packet-per-second performance and lowest latency for your application.
    Which configuration should use?
    Confusion between Enhance networking and ENI interface? shall we use EN or ,more ENI interface?


  49. Hi Jaya,

    thanks for your’s blog.. i have little confusion for below question

    Your are designing a high performance computing (HPC) cluster, will launch 20 Amazon EC2 r3.2xlarge instances into a placement group you need the highest packet-per-second performance and lowest latency for your application.
    Which configuration should use?

    Shall we use Enhance networking or Elastic network interface?

    1. go through the learning path and make sure you cover and understand the concepts for all the topics and whitepapers. Also, i would recommend practice braincert practice tests. Make sure you understand both the right and wrong answers. Try some hands one create a VPC E2E (Network, Subnet, Routes, Security Groups, ACLs etc), deploy applications. You should be able to clear the exams easily.

    1. Can you provide more context? Default VPC is the one created for you by AWS when you start. There is no public VPC but public and private subnets within an VPC.

  50. Hi Jaya Sir,

    Bit confusion for below

    A customer has an instance hosted in the AWS Public Cloud. The VPC and subnet used to host the Instance have been created with the default settings for the Network Access Control Lists. They need to provide an IT Administrator secure access to the underlying instance. How can this be accomplished.?

    as default settings so no need to do at NACL level.
    So Answer should be, Security Group all inbound SSH traffic from IT administrator.

    But at on some other documents, its giving answe to allow all outbound SSH traffic from IT administartor..

    Please correct

    1. It should be ssh inbound only in the security groups. Outbound in security group would be stateful.
      Can you provide the exact answer options?

  51. Hi Jaye Sir,

    A customer has an instance hosted in the AWS Public Cloud. The VPC and subnet used to host the Instance have been created with the default settings for the Network Access Control Lists. They need to provide an IT Administrator secure access to the underlying instance. How can this be accomplished.

    A. Ensure the Network Access Control Lists allow Inbound SSH traffic from the IT Administrator’s Workstation

    B. Ensure the Network Access Control Lists allow Outbound SSH traffic from the IT Administrator’s Workstation

    C. Ensure that the security group allows Inbound SSH traffic from the IT Administrator’s Workstation

    D. Ensure that the security group allows Outbound SSH traffic from the IT Administrator’s Workstation

    They are mentioning D is correct, but in my views “C” should be answer as if we allow inbound, outbound will automatically allow…could you please correct this with verification?

  52. Hi,

    I have cleared my SAA exam on 18/01/2019 with the score of 916.

    A Big Thanks to Jaye for such a wonderful Blog , This helped me a lot for clearing the exam

    I would Like to share Few Tips

    I was following the Ryan Kroonenburg’s “A Cloud Guru” course even though he is a very good instructor but I feel the Content of course not sufficient to pass the exam

    In the exam I found more questions from EFS,dynamodb,kinesis,SQS,Elastic Cache,Cloudfront

    AWS won’t ask the direct questions for what is the limit of each services , but if you know the limit of important services which will help to score some marks ( eg : application generates 1000 messages per second for processing which service you would choose )

    Go through the AWS FAQ’s before appearing in exam

    I was going through this blog Completely after the Cloud Guru Course and try to answer the sample question yourself

    I have done practice test on Whizlab that help me to boost my confident level ( don’t expect same questions in exam )

    Don’t trust on any dumps

    While writing the exam don’t be PANIC if you don’t know the correct answer for the question , just flag the question and move forward . Don’t spend much time on question which you don’t the answer this may spoil the time for other questions . Am sure finally you will get at-least 15 mins for answering the flagged questions

    I Wish All The Best For Everyone Who Is Preparing For The Exam , Happy Learning !!

  53. Hi Jaye,

    Cleared my AWS SA exam on 18th Jan.. Thanks a lot for your support, blogs and quick reply on my concerns…

    However i want to share feedback that, exam was really tough…i went through Cloudguru (Ryan) Q&A and nothing similar to those came in exam…all questions they mentioned being Solution Arch. what will you will suggest….For understanding purpose Ryan’s video is good but from exam prospective reality was different.

    Also questions were lengthy and all scenario basis and though time was 130min but when it passed in seconds…

    I personally want to suggest that if you don’t know answer for any question than just FLAG it and later you can give answer…and read every question at least 2-3 times..

    Can i ping you separately for devops?

    1. Hi Rameshwar, you can reach me through the contact page and would advice to remove email and phone number.

  54. Dear Jayendra

    Passed the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam today (10-Feb-19).

    Will be ever grateful for your effort in publishing this blog. It has been extremely helpful.

    // Nazeeb

  55. Hi Jeyendra,

    A customer wants to track access to their Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets and also use this information for their internal security and access audits. Which of the following will meet the Customer requirement?

    Enable AWS CloudTrail to audit all Amazon S3 bucket access.
    Enable server access logging for all required Amazon S3 buckets.
    Enable the Requester Pays option to track access via AWS Billing
    Enable Amazon S3 event notifications for Put and Post.

    My guess is 2nd one .i.e Server access logging.
    could you please confirm me and let me know the explanation

    1. Server access logging works for objects. However, CloudTrail also supports the tracking now. So first option is also valid now.

  56. Does server access logging log the client information? If not CloudWatch would be a better answer is it not?

    1. Its an old exam question. Am sure it would not appear in the latest updated exams. But always stick to answer which is old implementation. Chances are latest enhancements are not counted in for e.g. Lambda execution time was 5 mins and increased to 15 mins was not reflected in the exams.

  57. Hi Jaye Sir,

    I have got many job calls for AWS SA and cleared initial rounds easily but later stages they are asking for hands on experience and what problems we faced/facing during project execution, without hands on how we can tell them these things.. i don’t want to lie to them that i am working already with aws as i am a telecom guy and certified in AWS this year only…

    how to get step into industry without hand son experience ?

  58. Q. There are two exams for AWS Certified Architect Associate Certification exam, Feb 2018 – Now there is a 2019 exam. Does this mean that 2018 exam is no longer available? Is it better to take the 2019 exam or can I stay with the 2018 exam? I am brand new to AWS and taking my first course with Udemy with no hands on experience.

    1. I think AWS Certified Architect Associate Certification exam, Feb 2018 has now been renamed AWS Certified Architect Associate Certification exam. Feb 2018 was only to differentiate with the old exam.

  59. Hi Jaye Sir,

    could you please suggest thing we should know before i start Devops course…

    Last interview for SA role, they asked me about shell scripting…i started that already

    want to jump to devops course, so please guide me here..

  60. Hi Jayendrapatil,

    Is this the latest syllabus for aws associate certification ? Or any new service have been added

    1. This is pretty much the latest syllabus for the Solution Architect exam. Not heard of any new services being added.

  61. Hi Jayendra,

    Just want to say thank you for compiling all of these summaries. It really helped me on my review for the SA Associate exam. I recently took the exam and I passed it with the help of your blog. If you may, I suggest that you add some information about Redis Auth and IAM DB Authentication as these two showed up in my exam.

    I also bought your Udemy practice exam (Certification Practice exam) as well as the ones from Tutorials Dojo. The latter one contains questions in Redis Auth, IAM DB authentication and other advanced concepts which can be cascaded to your blog as well. Thank you and more power!

    1. Congrats Kristian and thanks for the feedback. Will surely look into those.

  62. Hi Jaye Sir,

    Could you please help me to proceed for devops course…shell scripting i have started already..

    Also 4-5 companies interviews i have craked for the role of AWS SA but later they are saying you don’t have working experience so we can’t take to get rid of this?

    if i do devops course plus certification what will be scope of job being fresher?

    1. DevOps is quite vast so plan accordingly what tools you want to cover. AWS DevOps is different as compared to DevOps overall.
      Practical experience is usually preferred, but you can have some using AWS free tier, Qwiklabs and implementing AWS projects. That would give you enough confidence to answer some questions.

      1. Hi Jaye Sir,
        How’s you doing?
        Can you provide me good link or details for migrations of VMs or Data from on-premises to AWS?
        Every interview this is common question, i watched couple of videos from youtube but looks like interview guys is not much impressed with my answers.
        For ex: they asked me how to migrate VMs, i answered
        at on premises we need to stopped Vms–than export them to virtualized enviroment like RAW, VHD,VMDK–import them into amazon S3–Create AMI–copy the AMI to specific region–elloborated each step also like We need to provide CLI access to user, for that we will create iAM user, from there we will get access key and screte access key…than we need to test access–converting image into AMI…like this..

        1. Hi Rameshwar, i had some documents for migration. Let me check if I still have access to those.

  63. Hi Jay

    Planning to appear for Solution Architect Associate … What should be my approach?

    1. Please follow the learning path. Choose a good online course. Read through FAQs, Whitepapers. Would recommend purchase practice exams and practice before the exams.

  64. Thanks for this Blog. This truly is a great blog for the references and as well as quick review about the topics before the exam. I had followed the reference materials suggested and reviewed topics before the exam from this blog . I scored 927 for my AWS SAA C-01 exam.

  65. Thanks a lot for the content Jayendra. Your blog is lucid and is a must for learning AWS concepts including those aspiring certification. I did pass my Solution Architect Associate exam recently with a good score.

  66. Thank Jay, VERY HELPFUL. Your Article helped me to pass the AWS certificate.

    My Tips for passing the Certificate:

    If you don’t know anything about cloud FIRST please go through ACLOUDGURU videos it will help you gains a very good knowledge and hands on labs but for passing the certification this course is not sufficient. THIS only helps for insite and Hands on lab.

    You also need to go through Ed Dolphin course – this course will provide the complete and detailed explanation of each and every service but no Hand on labs in this course. VERY HELPFUL!!!!!

    Finally! when you competed the courses plan to go through online practice test. I practiced my online test exam on Braincert. I got some questions in my AWS exam from this practice online test. This course will give a detail explanation who to choose the right option.

    Note: I don’t got through any White Papers or articles. Just Acloudguru and ED Dolphin.

  67. Thank Jay,
    You are best AWS blogger . Your article was help me a lot of.
    I passed exam by using your blog and practice on awslagi .
    Many many thanks once again .

  68. Hi Jayendra,

    I have just passed my SAA (May 2019) exam in first attempt . I have been reading a lot on this blog during my preparation for the SAA exam, and I can definitely recommend this site for those that are studying for AWS certification.

    Also, I would recommend Braincert practical exams questions as it help me a lot.

    Thanks for the great efforts put in this blog.

  69. HI Patil,

    Thanks for sharing AWS blog, Could you please share for 2019 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C01 Exam Learning. i am preparing for exam.

    Thank you very much

    Vishal S

    1. Its the same Vishal. The new pattern was launched in 2018 and there are not much differences.

  70. Hi Sir. Great blog. I passed my SAA C01 exam on Saturday. But, I want to know usually Amazon take how much time to send the result. I am still waiting for it.

    1. Hi Lingraj, Can you please guide what all materials you prepared, How new exam have the pattern….How much preparation is enough…and results aws willnot announce on the sane day?

      1. you will get to know pass and fail, but for PSI i think the score comes later.

  71. Is Braincert practical exams questions really helpful for SAA exam? Don’t see they keep updating it.

    1. You need to check with the teams for updates. But usually they keep updating in every 2 months.

  72. I passed the exam.
    Time costs to learning – 120 hours, 10 hours a week for three months.
    Instruments – QwikLabs for practice classes, and test exams from Braincert and Whizlabs.

  73. Hi Jayendra –

    Please help me which is right answer for this question. I am confused between Spot Block and Spot Fleet.

    A company needs to process a large amount of data stored in an AmazonS3 bucket.

    The total processing time is expected to be less than five hours. The execution should not

    be interrupted and will be executed only once.

    Which pricing model will ensure that the job completes at the lowest cost?(needs to be corrected)

    EC2 Reserved Instances

    EC2 Spot Block

    EC2 On-Demand Instances

    EC2 Spot Fleet

  74. Hi Jayendra,

    Thanks for your great blog!

    I have enrolled below course. Year is 2018, so does that includes the latest services in the year 2019 or does this will be useful for the coming exam in Aug19?

    Also I wanted to check if I still need to enroll Braincert and Whizlabs or above course is enough.


  75. Hi Jayendra,

    This blog is really useful and hats of to your efforts. I cleared my SAA-C01 exam this week with 900+ marks.

    Planning SysOps Associate now. Please let me know from where to start with, and how far SAA-C01 will help me to achieve SysOps certificate quickly.


    1. AWS has changed there SysOps and Developer associate exams quite a bit and the overlap between SAA and SOA is reduced drastically from maybe 70% to 30-40%. You can still start with any online course ACloud Guru or Linux Academy and prepare for topics mainly covering monitoring, automation.

  76. Question regarding practice tests. I don’t have an unlimited budget.
    When I go to Udemy, the practice tests offered there say “last updated 8/2019”
    When I go on braincert, the date on the exams still says Feb 2018.
    So I wanted to know which practice tests to purchase for giving exam in 2019.

    If anyone who has got the Associate cert in the last couple of months can please provide some guidance. The problem is AWS changes a lot of things and they can change the answers to questions. I’m already so confused because of this and don’t want to carry the wrong information from explanations provided by a stale practice exam and damage my chances.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. all of the resources are updated for 2019 exam pattern. Feb 2018 is just a date when the patten changed for SAA-C00 to SAA-C01.

  77. Hi Jayendra,
    I have purchased your AWS SAA practice tests from Udemy and solved all of them(6). I scored 75% on an average, please let me know whether I should go for the exam or need to practice more.

  78. Hi Jayendra,
    I have enrolled for your AWS SAA practice tests on Udemy and solved all of them(6). My average score is 75%, please let me know whether I should go for the exam or need to practice more.

  79. hi jay

    this is an awesome blog.. spending most of my time here.. can you please change the font color on the articles, it is very tough to read continuously. it is very light.

  80. Outstanding content. Ive been looking for a resource sufficient enough to cover the areas I need to strengthen. Looks like Im in the right place!

  81. How many attempts Amazon allows for AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam?

  82. Today went for exam but not able to clear it, I did not prepare well for scenario based questions. where can I find more practical labs or practice knowledge any suggestion will help. Today (Oct 8th) there were almost 45+ scenario based questions few only 1 word answers.
    mostly question came on Load balance, Security SSE KMS, Storage related which storage and which instances will be good like that questions came…….
    I found this blog 4 days ago before to my exam ….. hope should have here 1 month back

    1. you should go through the topics in details, that would help you to deep dive into the topics. Check for the resources, practice exams like Braincert can be of great help to prepare you for the exam in terms of scenario based questions and answers.

  83. Today i took the exam and able to clear it. Above information was very useful to prepare for exam.

  84. Jayendra thanks a lot for your great blog. I passed SAA exam on 18th October. This blog was very useful.

  85. Hi,

    I cam to know that there are 2 formats of this exam, now we attempt for the new format. So I just want to confirm that the content here is updated according to that format or it contains information related to old format too.

    1. The new version is still in beta and not yet released. This learning path is for the current active exam.

  86. Hi Jayendra,

    thanks for all the effort you have taken, Your blog was one the repo that i refereed.
    Today is passed mine AWS SAA Exam today.

  87. Hi Jayendra thanks a ton for your great blog, all the tips and links here are very useful . I passed the Solutions Architect exam on 29th November (Passed with a score of 820). I felt the exam was some what tough when compared to the official practice exam for the same exam. Which exam do you recommend next ? as part of my career plan in my current job, i am supposed to take DevOps professional and SA professional within the next year. Do i need to take SysOps associate exam before I proceed with DevOps professional exam ? please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

    1. Congrats Jose. Professional and Specialty exams do not have any prerequisites anymore, so you can attempt whichever helps you more in the current or intended career path.

      1. Hi Jayendra, thanks for your reply. i wanted to know if taking SysOps associate exam will be useful / beneficial in any way (either in preparation or in relative easiness of the Devops exam) before i take DevOps professional exam.

        1. SysOps can help a bit given the topics for monitoring and deployments, but DevOps surely is at a different level. If you are paying from your own pocket, you can skip it else can go for it.

          1. Thanks Jayendra. Appreciate your tip. I will go ahead with my DevOps pro exam preparation then.

  88. should i wait to take the new exam in march or can i take the current. are there any advantage or disadvantages?

    1. doesn’t make a difference from my perspective, new exam might have few more services which you can anyways learn if you are going to use them.

  89. Hi Jayendra, I am preparing for this SA exam and planning to schedule it for this end of Dec. Going thru each topic in sequence as you have tailored above. For practice exams, should I go thru whizlabs or Braincert is better?

  90. I just passed the exam on Dec 23 with almost 900.
    your exam summary is great.
    Braincert is a must. I see 15 -20% the same questions in the exam. I went through 9 practice exams with almost 600 questions. it helps a lot in the exam.

    1. congrats for passing it. I am in prep for SA-Assoc, after going thru above topics, I plan to sign up for Braincert 9 exams. Wondering how you were practicing those exam? What scores you were hitting after 1st attempt, and after reviewing missing answers, did you re-attempt same exam or move on to 2nd, 3rd…..9th? 900 is great score…

  91. Hi Jayendra, Thanks for the blog with fine grain details. It really helps as a person who is starting up. Looks like March 2020 there is a new version of this exam – Solution architect associate. Would you recommend to take one attempt before it or wait for the new version..? I am uncertain how the new version is going to pan and there may not be updated exam materials. Thank you!

    1. Taking the current one or 2020 one doesn’t make much difference if you are using AWS you will catch with the new services anyways.

  92. Hi Jayendra,
    i attempted for the Solutions architect associate exam on 3 jan 2020,
    i did not pass, i scored in 600’s. i have taken Stephan Marek course
    and Jon bosco practice test. i started preparing from october 2019.
    there were lots of information on cheat sheets to complete in practice tests.
    i completed all the tests only once with 70 % . i booked the exam in a hurry.

    will the second attempt be tougher than the first attempt??? what extra studying
    and practice should i do to pass the exam ???

    Please help….

    1. Second attempt would be the same as first. You need to make sure you get your concepts right as replied in email.

  93. Hi, I failed the exam with score 632/1000 , very disappoitend now because if 4-5 question if I cleared more I could have pass the exam. I missed the AWS certification dumps availbale and just concentrating on the learning mentioned here, but going to give exam again on 2nd March again and Thanks
    Tushar K

    1. Hi Tushar, the dumps wont help you much as long as you have got your concepts right, the exam is not tough to clear.

  94. Jayendra,

    Is the new version of AWS-SA Assoc starting from 1st Mar, 2020? Still same highlighted topics, sheet sheet and FAQs laid out in this blog would be useful for the new exam prep right?

    1. Hi Ahk, its on 22nd March i think. Nope, the topics should change and I will update the topics accordingly.

  95. Jayendra,

    I am in process of completing above topics for SA-Assoc. For new version, are you planning to update above topics and contents? For Braincert 9 exams, at first attempt if I am not hitting above 80% then other than reviewing missing answers, what else should I look at, going over above relevant topics, FAQs and cheatsheet?

    Please guide thru?

    1. Hi Ahk, i would be updating for the SAA-C02 in March when the exam would be available. You should review the answers and make sure if understand the concept and go through the relevant AWS documentation and you should be good for the exams.

  96. Hi,

    Getting multiple answers for below questions between B & C, but what is the correct answer?

    A legacy application needs to interact with local storage using iSCSI. A team needs to design a reliable storage solution to provision all new storage on AWS.
    Which storage solution meets the legacy application requirements?

    A. AWS Snowball storage for the legacy application until the application can be re-architected.
    B. AWS Storage Gateway in cached mode for the legacy application storage to write data to Amazon S3.
    C. AWS Storage Gateway in stored mode for the legacy application storage to write data to Amazon S3.
    D. An Amazon S3 volume mounted on the legacy application server locally using the File Gateway service.

    1. B should work fine as all new storage needs to be on AWS. Stored will need local storage as well.

  97. Passed SAA-C01 exam today with lot of efforts on these test sets and STEPHANE MAAREK AWS and Cloudguru course, The Exam is not very easy and questions are very typical

    My Preparation experience and suggestion who are going to appear for exam

    1. Fully learn STEPHANE MAAREK AWS course on udemy ,

    2. Go through the 6 Practise Test given in this course

    I found it is better than Cloudguru Course in Udemy

    Also I found two very useful links ( 3rd and 4th ) which is like summary or notes on each aws service to go through on last revision phase and there are others as well


    If you do these things and if get around 80% in all 6 sets then I bet you will 100 pass the exam

    Finally Thank You Stephane Maarek,Cloudeguru Ryan Kroonenburg,Jon Bonso,Jayendra and Tutorials Dojo !!

  98. Thanks bro, I followed your articles and cleared two certs of AWS. Your contents are upto the mark.

  99. Thanks for the details.

    Can you please share the link to the braincert exam prep (for SAA-C01). Above one shows Feb2018 and hence bit confused.

    Also, any discount coupon code (if any).


  100. Hi Jayendra,

    Excellent work from your side. Very informative source on AWS.
    Iam close to completion of my prepration and planning to appear for SAA-C01 by June’2020 end.

    Is it good idea to appear for SAA-C01 now or wait and appear for SAA-C02 Exam once more details are out for SAA-C02 after 1 to 2 weeks?

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. If you are ready go for SAA-C01 as there are lots of material and tests available.

  101. Hi,
    I have Passed SAA-C01 exam with 940 marks with lot of efforts.

    1.Thank you Jayendra patil for your Awesome blog and Outstanding content regarding the exam.

    2. Thank You Stephane Maarek for his outstanding course on Udemy.

    3. Thanks to ACloudguru Ryan Kroonenburg ,for providing a very good knowledge and hands on labs with aws services.

    4. Thanks to Jon Bonso for your practice test on Udemy. It really helped me a lot.

  102. Hi Jayendra. Wanted to start with AWS solution architect associate level. Please suggest me the study materials and videos which will help to understand more easily.
    Thanks in advance.

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