Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments

Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments

  • Amazon RDS Blue/Green Deployments help make and test database changes before implementing them in a production environment.
  • RDS Blue/Green Deployment has the blue environment as the current production environment and the green environment as the staging environment.
  • RDS Blue/Green Deployment creates a staging or green environment that exactly copies the production environment.
  • Green environment is a copy of the topology of the production environment and includes the features used by the DB instance including the Multi-AZ deployment, read replicas, the storage configuration, DB snapshots, automated backups, Performance Insights, and Enhanced Monitoring.
  • Green environment or the staging environment always stays in sync with the current production environment using logical replication.
  • RDS DB instances in the green environment can be changed without affecting production workloads. Changes can include the upgrade of major or minor DB engine versions, upgrade of underlying file system configuration, or change of database parameters in the staging environment.
  • Changes can be thoroughly tested in the green environment and when ready, the environments can be switched over to promote the green environment to be the new production environment.
  • Switchover typically takes under a minute with no data loss and no need for application changes.
  • Blue/Green Deployments are currently supported only for RDS for MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

RDS Blue/Green Deployment

RDS Blue/Green Deployments Benefits

  • Easily create a production-ready staging environment.
  • Automatically replicate database changes from the production environment to the staging environment.
  • Test database changes in a safe staging environment without affecting the production environment.
  • Stay current with database patches and system updates.
  • Implement and test newer database features.
  • Switch over your staging environment to be the new production environment without changes to your application.
  • Safely switch over through the use of built-in switchover guardrails.
  • Eliminate data loss during switchover.
  • Switch over quickly, typically under a minute depending on your workload.

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