AWS Data Transfer Services

AWS Data Transfer Services

  • AWS provides a suite of data transfer services that includes many methods that to migrate your data more effectively.
  • Data Transfer services work both Online and Offline and the usage depends on several factors like amount of data, time required, frequency, available bandwidth and cost.
  • Online data transfer and hybrid cloud storage
    • A network link to the VPC, transfer data to AWS, or use S3 for hybrid cloud storage with an existing on-premises applications.
    • helps both to lift and shift large datasets once, as well as help you integrate existing process flows like backup and recovery or continuous data streams directly with cloud storage.
  • Offline data migration to Amazon S3.
    • use shippable, ruggedized devices are ideal for moving large archives, data lakes, or in situations where bandwidth and data volumes cannot pass over your networks within your desired time frame.

Online data transfer


  • connect securely between data centers and AWS
  • quick to setup and cost efficient
  • ideal for small data transfers and connectivity
  • not reliable as still uses shared Internet connection

Direct Connect

  • provides dedicated physical connection to accelerate network transfers between data centers and AWS
  • provides reliable data transfer
  • ideal for regular large data transfer
  • needs time to setup
  • is not a cost efficient solution
  • can be secured using VPN over Direct Connect

AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration

  • makes public Internet transfers to S3 faster.
  • helps maximize the available bandwidth regardless of distance or varying Internet weather, and there are no special clients or proprietary network protocols.  Simply change the endpoint you use with your S3 bucket and acceleration is automatically applied.
  • ideal for recurring jobs that travel across the globe, such as media uploads, backups, and local data processing tasks that are regularly sent to a central location

AWS DataSync

  • automates moving data between on-premises storage and S3 or Elastic File System (Amazon EFS).
  • automatically handles many of the tasks related to data transfers that can slow down migrations or burden the IT operations, including running your own instances, handling encryption, managing scripts, network optimization, and data integrity validation.
  • helps transfer data at speeds up to 10 times faster than open-source tools.
  • uses AWS Direct Connect or internet links to AWS and ideal for one-time data migrations, recurring data processing workflows, and automated replication for data protection and recovery.

Offline data transfer

AWS Snowball

  • is a petabyte-scale data transport solution that uses secure appliances to transfer large amounts of data into and out of AWS.
  • ideal for one time large data transfers with limited network bandwidth, long transfer times, and security concerns
  • is simple, fast, and secure.
  • can be very cost and time efficient for large data transfer

AWS Snowball Edge

  • is a petabyte to exabytes scale data transfer device with on-board storage and compute capabilities
  • move large amounts of data into and out of AWS, as a temporary storage tier for large local datasets, or to support local workloads in remote or offline locations.
  • ideal for one time large data transfers with limited network bandwidth, long transfer times, and security concerns
  • is simple, fast, and secure.
  • can be very cost and time efficient for large data transfer

AWS Snowmobile

  • is an exabyte-scale data transport solution that uses a secure semi 40-foot shipping container to transfer large amounts of data into and out of AWS.
  • addresses common challenges with large-scale data transfers including high network costs, long transfer times, and security concerns.
  • transfer done through through a custom engagement, is fast, secure, and can be as little as one-fifth the cost of high-speed Internet.

Data Transfer Chart – Bandwidth vs Time

Data Migration Speeds

AWS Certification Exam Practice Questions

  • Questions are collected from Internet and the answers are marked as per my knowledge and understanding (which might differ with yours).
  • AWS services are updated everyday and both the answers and questions might be outdated soon, so research accordingly.
  • AWS exam questions are not updated to keep up the pace with AWS updates, so even if the underlying feature has changed the question might not be updated
  • Open to further feedback, discussion and correction.
  1. An organization is moving non-business-critical applications to AWS while maintaining a mission critical application in an on-premises data center. An on-premises application must share limited confidential information with the applications in AWS. The Internet performance is unpredictable. Which configuration will ensure continued connectivity between sites MOST securely?
    1. VPN and a cached storage gateway
    2. AWS Snowball Edge
    3. VPN Gateway over AWS Direct Connect
    4. AWS Direct Connect
  2. A company wants to transfer petabyte scale of data to AWS for their analytics, however are constrained on their internet connectivity? Which AWS service can help them transfer the data quickly?
    1. S3 enhanced uploader
    2. Snowmobile
    3. Snowball
    4. Direct Connect
  3. A company wants to transfer their video library data, which runs in exabyte, to AWS. Which AWS service can help the company transfer the data?
    1. Snowmobile
    2. Snowball
    3. S3 upload
    4. S3 enhanced uploader
  4. You are working with a customer who has 100 TB of archival data that they want to migrate to Amazon Glacier. The customer has a 1-Gbps connection to the Internet. Which service or feature provides the fastest method of getting the data into Amazon Glacier?
    1. Amazon Glacier multipart upload
    2. AWS Storage Gateway
    3. VM Import/Export
    4. AWS Snowball

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