AWS CloudWatch Agent

AWS CloudWatch Agent

  • CloudWatch Agent helps collect metrics and logs and push them to CloudWatch
  • Default namespace for metrics collected by the CloudWatch agent is CWAgent, although a different namespace can be configured
  • Logs collected by the unified CloudWatch agent are processed and stored in CloudWatch Logs
  • CloudWatch agent helps to
    • Collect internal system-level metrics from EC2 instances across operating systems. The metrics can include in-guest metrics, in addition to the metrics for EC2 instances.
    • Collect system-level metrics from on-premises servers. These can include servers in a hybrid environment as well as servers not managed by AWS.
    • Retrieve custom metrics from the applications or services using the StatsD and collectd protocols. StatsD is supported on both Linux servers and servers running Windows Server. collectd is supported only on Linux servers.
    • Collect logs from EC2 instances and on-premises servers, running either Linux or Windows Server.
    • Collect metrics for individual processes using the procstat plugins, which are stored in the procstat namespace.
  • CloudWatch agent can be installed, on Amazon Linux 2 and on all supported operating systems, manually or using AWS Systems Manager
  • CloudWatch agent needs to write metrics to CloudWatch, and IAM role for EC2 instances or IAM user for the on-premises server should be assigned.

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