Google Cloud Router

Google Cloud Router

  • Cloud Router is a fully distributed and managed service that programs custom dynamic routes and scales with the network traffic.
  • Cloud Router works with both legacy networks and VPC networks.
  • Cloud Router isn’t a connectivity option, but a service that works over Cloud VPN or Interconnect connections to provide dynamic routing by using the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for the VPC networks.
  • Cloud Router isn’t supported for Direct Peering or Carrier Peering connections.
  • Cloud Router isn’t a physical device that might cause a bottleneck, and it can’t be used by itself.
  • Cloud Router is required or recommended in the following cases:
    • Required for Cloud NAT
    • Required for Cloud Interconnect and HA VPN
    • A recommended configuration option for Classic VPN.
  • Cloud Router helps dynamically exchange routes between the Google Cloud network and the on-premises network.
  • Cloud Router peers with the on-premises VPN gateway or router to provide dynamic routing and exchanges topology information through BGP.
  • Cloud Router frees you from maintaining static routes
  • Google Cloud recommends creating two Cloud Routers in each region for a Cloud Interconnect for 99.99% availability.
  • Cloud Router supports following dynamic routing mode
    • Regional routing mode – provides visibility to resources only in the defined region.
    • Global routing mode – provides visibility to resources in all regions

Google Cloud Router - Global Dynamic Routing

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