Google Cloud Access Context Manager

Google Cloud Access Context Manager

  • Access Context Manager allows organization administrators to define fine-grained, attribute-based access control for projects and resources
  • Access Context Manager helps prevent data exfiltration
  • Access Context Manager helps reduce the size of the privileged network and move to a model where endpoints do not carry ambient authority based on the network.
  • Access Context Manager helps define desired rules and policy but isn’t responsible for policy enforcement. The policy is configured and enforced across various points, such as VPC Service Controls.
  • Administrators define an access policy, which is an organization-wide container for access levels and service perimeters.
  • Access levels are used for permitting access to resources based on contextual information about the request.
  • Access is granted based on the context of the request, such as device type, user identity, and more, while still checking for corporate network access when necessary.
  • Access Context Manager provides two ways to define access levels: basic and custom.
    • Basic Access level
      • is a collection of conditions that are used to test requests.
      • Conditions are a group of attributes to be tested, such as device type, IP address, or user identity.
      • Access level attributes represent contextual information about a request.
    • Custom access levels
      • are created using a subset of Common Expression Language.
      • helps to permit requests based on data from third-party services.
  • Service perimeters define sandboxes of resources that can freely exchange data within the perimeter but are not allowed to export data outside of it.

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