AWS Trusted Advisor

AWS Trusted Advisor

  • Trusted Advisor inspects the AWS environment to make recommendations for system performance, saving money, availability, and closing security gaps
  • Trusted Advisor checks the following categories
    • Cost Optimization
      • Recommendations that can potentially save money by highlighting unused resources and opportunities to reduce your bill.
    • Security
      • Identification of security settings and gaps, inline with the best practices, that could make the AWS solution less secure
    • Fault Tolerance
      • Recommendations that help increase the resiliency and availability of the AWS solution by highlighting redundancy shortfalls, current service limits, and over-utilized resources.
    • Performance
      • Recommendations that can help to improve the speed and responsiveness of the applications
    • Service Limits (Circa Nov 2017 – Latest Addition)
      • Checks for service usage that is more than 80% of the service limit.
      • Values are based on a snapshot, so the current usage might differ.
      • Limit and usage data can take up to 24 hours to reflect any changes
  • AWS Basic and Developer support plan covers few checks for free.
  • AWS Business and Enterprise support plans include
    • Full set of checks
    • AWS Support API provides programmatic access to AWS Support Center features to create, manage, and close the Support cases, and operationally manage the Trusted Advisor check requests and status.
    • Trusted Advisor Priority helps you focus on the most important recommendations to optimize your cloud deployments, improve resilience, and address security gaps.
    • Trusted Advisor notification feature helps stay up-to-date with the AWS resource deployment by performing an automated weekly refresh.

Trusted Advisor Categories

AWS Support API

  • API provides two different groups of operations:
    • Support case management operations to manage the entire life cycle of your AWS support cases, from creating a case to resolving it, and includes
      • Open a support case
      • Get a list and detailed information about recent support cases
      • Filter your search for support cases by dates and case identifiers, including resolved cases
      • Add communications and file attachments to your cases, and add the email recipients for case correspondence
      • Resolve your cases
    • AWS Trusted Advisor operations to access checks
      • Get the names and identifiers for the checks
      • Request that a check be run against your AWS account and resources
      • Get summaries and detailed information for your check results
      • Refresh the checks
      • Get the status of each check

AWS Certification Exam Practice Questions

  • Questions are collected from Internet and the answers are marked as per my knowledge and understanding (which might differ with yours).
  • AWS services are updated everyday and both the answers and questions might be outdated soon, so research accordingly.
  • AWS exam questions are not updated to keep up the pace with AWS updates, so even if the underlying feature has changed the question might not be updated
  • Open to further feedback, discussion and correction.
  1. The Trusted Advisor service provides insight regarding which categories of an AWS account?
    1. Security, fault tolerance, high availability, and connectivity
    2. Security, access control, high availability, and performance
    3. Performance, cost optimization, security, and fault tolerance (Note – Service limits is the latest addition)
    4. Performance, cost optimization, access control, and connectivity
  2. Which of the following are categories of AWS Trusted Advisor? (Select TWO.)
    1. Loose Coupling
    2. Disaster recovery
    3. Infrastructure as a Code
    4. Security
    5. Service limits
  3. Which AWS tool will identify security groups that grant unrestricted Internet access to a limited list of ports?
    1. AWS Organizations
    2. AWS Trusted Advisor
    3. AWS Usage Report
    4. Amazon EC2 dashboard



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  1. There is currently a 5th category: Service Limits. This analyzes if you’re about to exceed capacity in a particular service.

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