AWS Partnerships That Have Upgraded the Way Businesses Collaborate

AWS Partnerships That Have Upgraded the Way Businesses Collaborate

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Through the AWS Partner Network (APN), brands have been able to reach customers and help improve businesses across the globe. AWS channel chief Doug Yeum explains that the benefits to brands in the APN can be tremendous. In his keynote presentation at the AWS re:Invest 2020 conference, he said, “Companies are looking for AWS partners who can deliver end-to-end solutions, develop cloud-native applications in addition to managing the cloud infrastructure, and have deep specializations across industries, use cases, specific workloads like SAP and AWS services. Partners who can meet these customer requirements and truly understand that speed matters — there will be lots of opportunities.”

Indeed, we’ve seen some great AWS partnerships present innovative ways to solve every business need imaginable. Here are some of the most memorable AWS partnerships to have upgraded the way businesses collaborate:


Having been an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Services Provider since 2008, AliCloud is at the forefront of AWS partnerships. With the help of AWS resources like training, marketing, and solutions development assistance, the company aims to improve AWS adoption by onboarding new startup and enterprise customers. AliCloud hopes to use its many years of experience to introduce new customers to the wonders of cloud services.


Altium is a leading provider of electronics designing software that aims to streamline the process for both beginning and experienced engineers. In an effort to make the development and realization of printed circuit boards more streamlined, they developed Altium 365, a completely cloud-based design platform that creates seamless collaboration points across the electronics development process. In 2020, Altium selected AWS to host Altium 365, making it more accessible to individual and enterprise clients alike.


Professional services network Deloitte is known for providing support to companies across over 150 countries worldwide, and through its collaboration with AWS, it has developed Smart Factory Fabric. With it, they now empower smart factory transformations at both the plant and enterprise level. The Smart Factory Fabric is a pre-configured suite of cloud-based applications that help industrial enterprises quickly transition to the digital world, improving operational performance and reducing costs.


Offering three services on AWS, InfoStretch aims to enable enterprise clients to accelerate their digital initiatives through DevSecOps, Internet of Things (IoT) offerings, data engineering, and data analytics services, among others. Through their “Go, Be, Evolve” digital approach, they assist clients in the digital maturity journey from strategy, planning, migration, and execution, all the way to automation.


Specializing in providing SAP solutions for enterprises on AWS, Lemongrass became an AWS partner because of the latter’s position as a leader in cloud infrastructure. Eamonn O’Neill, director of Lemongrass Consulting, has stated that the infrastructure of AWS was perfect for their services, as it’s “incredibly resilient, and incredibly well built.”

Whats Next !

But what’s next for AWS? Following amazing partnerships that seek to revolutionize the way we do business, Amazon is rolling out some great features, including the mainstreaming of Graviton2 processors, which promise to streamline cloud computing. AWS is also constantly working to re-evaluate its systems to ensure better cost-savings management for customers. Improvements are also being made to Aurora Serverless, enabling it to support customers who want to continue scaling up.

AWS can be a game-changer for many businesses. With a robust operations hub like AWS Systems Manager, businesses have great control over operational tasks, troubleshooting, and resource and application management. With AWS announcing that it adds 50 new partners to the APN daily, the network has become a great resource for end-to-end solutions and cloud-native application development.

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