AWS Lake Formation

AWS Lake Formation

  • AWS Lake Formation easily creates secure data lakes, making data available for wide-ranging analytics.
  • is an integrated data lake service that helps to discover, ingest, clean, catalog, transform, and secure data and make it available for analysis and ML.
  • automatically manages access to the registered data in S3 through services including AWS Glue, Athena, Redshift, QuickSight, and EMR using Zeppelin notebooks with Apache Spark to ensure compliance with your defined policies.
  • helps configure and manage your data lake without manually integrating multiple underlying AWS services.
  • can manage data ingestion through AWS Glue. Data is automatically classified, and relevant data definitions, schema, and metadata are stored in the central Glue Data Catalog. Once the data is in the S3 data lake, access policies, including table-and-column-level access controls can be defined, and encryption for data at rest enforced.
  • uses a shared infrastructure with AWS Glue, including console controls, ETL code creation and job monitoring, blueprints to create workflows for data ingest, the same data catalog, and a serverless architecture.
  • integrates with IAM so authenticated users and roles can be automatically mapped to data protection policies that are stored in the data catalog. The IAM integration also supports Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP to federate into IAM using SAML.
  • helps centralize data access policy controls. Users and roles can be defined to control access, down to the table and column level.
  • supports private endpoints in the VPC and records all activity in AWS CloudTrail for network isolation and auditability.

AWS Lake Formation

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