AWS Application Auto Scaling

AWS Application Auto Scaling

  • Application Auto Scaling is a web service for developers and system administrators who need a solution for automatically scaling their scalable resources for individual AWS services beyond EC2.

DynamoDB Auto Scaling

  • DynamoDB tables and global secondary indexes can be scaled using target tracking scaling policies and scheduled scaling.
  • DynamoDB Auto Scaling helps dynamically adjust provisioned throughput capacity on your behalf, in response to actual traffic patterns.
  • DynamoDB Auto Scaling enables a table or a global secondary index to increase its provisioned read and write capacity to handle sudden increases in traffic, without throttling.
  • When the workload decreases, Application Auto Scaling decreases the throughput so that you don’t pay for unused provisioned capacity.

DynamoDB Auto Scaling

Aurora Auto Scaling

  • Aurora DB clusters can be scaled using target tracking scaling policies, step scaling policies, and scheduled scaling.
  • Aurora Auto Scaling dynamically adjusts the number of Aurora Replicas provisioned for an Aurora DB cluster using single-master replication.
  • Aurora Auto Scaling helps add read replicas with min and max replica count based on scaling CloudWatch CPU or connections metrics condition
  • Aurora Auto Scaling enables the Aurora DB cluster to handle sudden increases in connectivity or workload.
  • As the workload decreases, Aurora Auto Scaling removes unnecessary Aurora Replicas so that you don’t pay for unused provisioned DB instances.

Lambda Auto Scaling

  • AWS Lambda provisioned concurrency can be scaled using target tracking scaling policies and scheduled scaling.

EC2 Auto Scaling

  • EC2 Auto Scaling ensures a correct number of EC2 instances are always running to handle the load of the application.
  • Auto Scaling helps
    • to achieve better fault tolerance, better availability, and cost management.
    • helps specify scaling policies that can be used to launch and terminate EC2 instances to handle any increase or decrease in demand.
  • Auto Scaling attempts to distribute instances evenly between the AZs that are enabled for the Auto Scaling group.
  • Auto Scaling does this by attempting to launch new instances in the AZ with the fewest instances. If the attempt fails, it attempts to launch the instances in another AZ until it succeeds.

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