Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty

  • Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service that continuously monitors the AWS accounts and workloads for malicious activity and delivers detailed security findings for visibility and remediation.
  • is a continuous security monitoring service that analyzes and processes the following data sources:
  • uses threat intelligence feeds, such as lists of malicious IP addresses and domains, and machine learning to identify unexpected and potentially unauthorized and malicious activity within the AWS environment.
  • combines machine learning, anomaly detection, network monitoring, and malicious file discovery, utilizing both AWS-developed and industry-leading third-party sources to help protect workloads and data on AWS
  • is a Regional service and is recommended to be enabled in all supported AWS Regions. This helps generate findings of unauthorized or unusual activity even in Regions not actively used.
  • does not look at historical data, it monitors only the activity that starts after it is enabled.
  • operates completely independent of the AWS resources and therefore has no impact on the performance or availability of the accounts or workloads.
  • GuardDuty supports
    • Suppression rules, allow the creation of very specific combinations of attributes to suppress findings.
    • Trusted IP List for highly secure communication with the AWS environment. Findings are not generated based on trusted IP lists.
    • Threat List for known malicious IP addresses. Findings are generated based on threat lists.
  • Security findings are retained and made available through the GuardDuty console and APIs for 90 days, after which they are discarded.
  • Findings are assigned a severity, and actions can be automated by integrating with Security Hub, EventBridge, Lambda, and Step Functions.
  • Amazon Detective is also tightly integrated with GuardDuty which helps perform deeper forensic and root cause investigations.
  • GuardDuty Malware Protection feature helps to detect malicious files on EBS volumes attached to an EC2 instance and container workloads.

Amazon GuardDuty

GuardDuty with Multiple Accounts

  • GuardDuty has multi-account management through AWS Organizations integration, which allows delegating an administrator account for the organization.
  • The delegated administrator (DA) account is a centralized account that consolidates all findings and can configure all member accounts.
  • The administrator account helps to associate and manage multiple AWS accounts.
  • All security findings are aggregated to the administrator account for review and remediation.
  • CloudWatch Events are also aggregated to the administrator account when using this configuration.

GuardDuty Automated Remediation

  • GuardDuty security findings can be remediated automatically using EventBridge and AWS Lambda
  • For example, a Lambda function can be created to modify the AWS security group rules based on security findings. For a GuardDuty finding indicating one of your EC2 instances is being probed by a known malicious IP, the address can be added through an EventBridge rule, initiating a Lambda function to automatically modify the security group rules and restrict access on that port.

GuardDuty Malware Protection

  • GuardDuty Malware Protection helps scan EBS volume data for possible malware and identifies suspicious behavior indicative of malicious software in EC2 instances or container workloads.
  • is optimized to consume large data volumes for near real-time processing of security detections.
  • scans a replica EBS volume that GuardDuty generates based on the snapshot of the EBS volume for trojans, worms, crypto miners, rootkits, bots, and more.

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  1. Which AWS service makes detecting and reporting unexpected and potentially malicious activity in your AWS environment easy?
    1. AWS Shield
    2. AWS Inspector
    3. AWS GuardDuty
    4. AWS WAF