Amazon EBS Multi-Attach

EBS Multi-Attach

  • EBS Multi-Attach enables attaching a single Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1 or io2) volume to multiple instances that are in the same AZ.
  • Multiple Multi-Attach enabled volumes can be attached to an instance or set of instances.
  • Each instance to which the volume is attached has full read and write permission to the shared volume.
  • Multi-Attach helps achieve higher application availability in clustered Linux applications that manage concurrent write operations.

EBS Multi-Attach Considerations & Limitations

  • Multi-Attach is supported exclusively on Provisioned IOPS SSD volumes.
  • Multi-Attach enabled volumes can be attached
    • to up to 16 Linux instances built on the Nitro System that are in the same AZ.
    • to Windows instances, but the operating system does not recognize the data on the volume that is shared between the instances, which can result in data inconsistency.
  • Multi-Attach enabled volumes can be attached to one block device mapping per instance.
  • Multi-Attach enabled volumes are deleted on instance termination if the last attached instance is terminated and if that instance is configured to delete the volume on termination.
  • Multi-Attach enabled volumes can’t be created as boot volumes.
  • Multi-Attach can’t be enabled during instance launch using either the EC2 console or RunInstances API.
  • Multi-Attach enabled volumes do not support I/O fencing. I/O fencing protocols control write access in a shared storage environment to maintain data consistency
  • Multi-Attach can’t be enabled or disabled while the volume is attached to an instance.
  • Multi-Attach option is disabled by default.

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