Amazon S3 Event Notifications

S3 Event Notifications

  • S3 notification feature enables notifications to be triggered when certain events happen in the bucket.
  • Notifications are enabled at the Bucket level
  • Notifications can be configured to be filtered by the prefix and suffix of the key name of objects. However, filtering rules cannot be defined with overlapping prefixes, overlapping suffixes, or prefix and suffix overlapping
  • S3 can publish the following events
    • New Object created events
      • Can be enabled for PUT, POST, or COPY operations
      • You will not receive event notifications from failed operations
    • Object Removal events
      • Can public delete events for object deletion, version object deletion or insertion of delete marker
      • You will not receive event notifications from automatic deletes from lifecycle policies or from failed operations.
    • Restore object events
      • restoration of objects archived to the S3 Glacier storage classes
    • Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) object lost events
      • Can be used to reproduce/recreate the Object
    • Replication events
      • for replication configurations that have S3 replication metrics or S3 Replication Time Control (S3 RTC) enabled
  • S3 can publish events to the following destination
  • For S3 to be able to publish events to the destination, the S3 principal should be granted the necessary permissions
  • S3 event notifications are designed to be delivered at least once. Typically, event notifications are delivered in seconds but can sometimes take a minute or longer.

S3 Event Notifications

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