Google Cloud Network Endpoint Groups – NEG

Google Cloud Network Endpoint Groups – NEG

  • Network Endpoint Groups (NEG) is a configuration object that specifies a group of backend endpoints or services.
  • Network Endpoint Groups provides a logical grouping of IP addresses and ports for software services instead of entire VMs.
  • NEGs can be used as backends for External and Internal HTTP(S) load balancers, TCP/SSL Proxy load balancers, and with Traffic Director
  • Zonal NEG
    • contains one or more endpoints that can be Compute Engine VMs or services running on the VMs.
    • are zonal resources that represent collections of either IP addresses or IP address/port combinations for Google Cloud resources within a single subnet.
    • Each endpoint is specified either by an IP address or an IP:port combination.
    • All other backends in that backend service must also be zonal NEGs.
    • Zonal NEG can be used as a backend for more than one backend service
    • Backend services using zonal NEGs for backends only support balancing modes of RATE or CONNECTION. UTILIZATION is not supported
  • Internet NEG
    • contains a single endpoint that is hosted outside of Google Cloud. This endpoint is specified by hostname FQDN:port or IP:port.
    • can use an internet NEG as the backend for a backend service for a Google Cloud external HTTP(S) load balancer.
    • does not support other load balancer types.
    • ideal to serve content from an origin hosted outside of Google Cloud, and needs to be fronted by external HTTP(S) load balancer
    • allows you to
      • Use Google Edge infrastructure for terminating the user connection
      • Direct the connections to your custom origin.
      • Use Cloud CDN for your custom origin.
      • Deliver traffic to the public endpoint across Google’s private backbone, which improves reliability and can decrease latency between client and server.
  • Serverless NEG
    • points to Cloud Run, App Engine, Cloud Functions services residing in the same region as the NEG.
  • Zonal and internet NEGs define how endpoints should be reached, whether they are reachable, and where they are located.
  • Serverless NEGs don’t contain endpoints.
  • A hybrid connectivity NEG points to Traffic Director services running outside Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Network Endpoint Groups

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