AWS Services with Root Privileges

  • AWS provides the root or system privileges only for a limited set of services, which includes
    • Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)
    • Elastic MapReduce (EMR)
    • Elastic BeanStalk
    • Opswork
  • AWS does not provide root privileges for managed services like RDS, DynamoDB, S3, Glacier etc
  • For RDS, if you need Admin privileges or want to use features not enabled by RDS, you can go with the Database on EC2 approach

Sample Exam Questions

  1. Which services allow the customer to retain full administrative privileges of the underlying EC2 instances? Choose 2 answers
    1. Amazon Elastic Map Reduce
    2. Elastic Load Balancing
    3. AWS Elastic Beanstalk
    4. Amazon ElastiCache
    5. Amazon Relational Database service
  2. Which for the services provide root access
    1. Elastic Beanstalk
    2. EC2
    3. Opswork
    4. DynamoDb
    5. RDS
    6. S3
  3. A client application requires operating system privileges on a relational database server. What is an appropriate configuration for highly available database architecture?
    1. A standalone Amazon EC2 instance
    2. Amazon RDS in a Multi-AZ configuration
    3. Amazon EC2 instances in a replication configuration utilizing a single Availability Zone
    4. Amazon EC2 instances in a replication configuration utilizing two different Availability Zones