Google Cloud Peering

Google Cloud Peering

Direct Peering

  • Direct Peering establishes a direct peering connection between the on-premises network and Google’s edge network and exchanges high-throughput cloud traffic.
  • Direct Peering provides a direct path from the on-premises network to Google services, including Google Cloud products that can be exposed through one or more public IP addresses.
  • Traffic from Google’s network to the on-premises network also takes that direct path, including traffic from VPC networks in the projects.
  • Google Cloud customers must request that direct egress pricing be enabled for each of the projects after they have established Direct Peering with Google
  • Direct Peering exists outside of Google Cloud.
  • Direct Peering doesn’t produce any custom routes in a VPC network
  • Direct Peering does not provide any SLA
  • Direct peering helps reduce Internet egress rates to on-premises network from GCP resources

Carrier Peering

  • Carrier Peering helps access Google applications, such as Google Workspace, by using a service provider to obtain enterprise-grade network services that connect your infrastructure to Google.
  • Carrier Peering exists outside of Google Cloud
  • Carrier Peering doesn’t produce any custom routes in a VPC network
  • Direct Peering does not provide any SLA

Peering Requirements

  • Publicly routable ASN
  • Publicly routable address space (at least one /24 of IPv4 and/or one /48 of IPv6 space)
  • ASN record completed in PeeringDB
  • 24×7 NOC contact
  • Presence at one or more internet exchanges or private peering interconnection facilities listed for Google in PeeringDB
  • Up to date Maintainer, ASN, AS-SET, and Route/Route6 objects in an internet routing registry (IRR) used by Google

GCP Certification Exam Practice Questions

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  1. You want to establish a dedicated connection to Google that can access Cloud SQL via a public IP address and that does not
    require a third-party service provider. Which connection type should you choose?

    1. Carrier Peering
    2. Direct Peering
    3. Dedicated Interconnect
    4. Partner Interconnect