Google Cloud Composer

Cloud Composer

  • Cloud Composer is a fully managed workflow orchestration service, built on Apache Airflow, enabling workflow creation that spans across clouds and on-premises data centers.
  • Cloud Composer requires no installation or has no management overhead.
  • Cloud Composer integrates with Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring to provide a central place to view all Airflow service and workflow logs.

Cloud Composer Components

  • Cloud Composer helps define a series of tasks as Workflow executed within an Environment
  • Workflows are created using DAGs or Direct Acyclic Graphs
  • DAG is a collection of tasks that are scheduled and executed, organized in a way that reflects their relationships and dependencies.
  • DAGs are stored in Cloud Storage
  • Each Task can represent anything from ingestion, transform, filtering, monitoring, preparing, etc.
  • Environments are self-contained Airflow deployments based on Google Kubernetes Engine, and they work with other Google Cloud services using connectors built into Airflow.
  • Cloud Composer environment is a wrapper around Apache Airflow with components like GKE Cluster, Web Server, Database, Cloud Storage.

GCP Certification Exam Practice Questions

  • Questions are collected from Internet and the answers are marked as per my knowledge and understanding (which might differ with yours).
  • GCP services are updated everyday and both the answers and questions might be outdated soon, so research accordingly.
  • GCP exam questions are not updated to keep up the pace with GCP updates, so even if the underlying feature has changed the question might not be updated
  • Open to further feedback, discussion and correction.
  1. Your company has a hybrid cloud initiative. You have a complex data pipeline that moves data between cloud provider services and leverages services from each of the cloud providers. Which cloud-native service should you use to orchestrate the entire pipeline?
    1. Cloud Dataflow
    2. Cloud Composer
    3. Cloud Dataprep
    4. Cloud Dataproc
  2. Your company is working on a multi-cloud initiative. The data processing pipelines require creating workflows that connect data, transfer data, processing, and using services across clouds. What cloud-native tool should be used for orchestration?
    1. Cloud Scheduler
    2. Cloud Dataflow
    3. Cloud Composer
    4. Cloud Dataproc