Google Cloud BigQuery Data Transfer Service

Cloud BigQuery Data Transfer Service

  • BigQuery Data Transfer Service automates data movement into BigQuery on a scheduled, managed basis
  • After a data transfer is configured, the BigQuery Data Transfer Service automatically loads data into BigQuery on a regular basis.
  • BigQuery Data Transfer Service can also initiate data backfills to recover from any outages or gaps.
  • BigQuery Data Transfer Service can only sink data to BigQuery and cannot be used to transfer data out of BigQuery.

BigQuery Data Transfer Service Sources

  • BigQuery Data Transfer Service supports loading data from the following data sources:
    • Google Software as a Service (SaaS) apps
    • Campaign Manager
    • Cloud Storage
    • Google Ad Manager
    • Google Ads
    • Google Merchant Center (beta)
    • Google Play
    • Search Ads 360 (beta)
    • YouTube Channel reports
    • YouTube Content Owner reports
    • External cloud storage providers
      • Amazon S3
    • Data warehouses
      • Teradata
      • Amazon Redshift

GCP Certification Exam Practice Questions

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  1. Your company uses Google Analytics for tracking. You need to export the session and hit data from a Google Analytics 360 reporting view on a scheduled basis into BigQuery for analysis. How can the data be exported?
    1. Configure a scheduler in Google Analytics to convert the Google Analytics data to JSON format, then import directly into BigQuery using bq command line.
    2. Use gsutil to export the Google Analytics data to Cloud Storage, then import into BigQuery and schedule it using Cron.
    3. Import data to BigQuery directly from Google Analytics using Cron
    4. Use BigQuery Data Transfer Service to import the data from Google Analytics