AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Exam Learning Path

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AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Exam Learning Path

Lately I have been getting a lot of requests for defining a learning path for the exams, so that it is easy for you to navigate through the topics that are important for the exam as there are lot of blog posts covering a lot of topics which are relevant to all exams. Here is an attempt to define the learning path for AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Exam. Let me know for any feedback or improvement. Will be doing the same for the other exams.

AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate exam basically validates the following

  • Deliver the stability and scalability needed by a business on AWS
  • Provision systems, services and deployment automation on AWS
  • Ensure data integrity and data security on AWS technology
  • Provide guidance on AWS best practices
  • Understand and monitor metrics on AWS

Refer to the AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Exam Blue Print
AWS SysOps Administrator - Associate Breakup

AWS Cloud Computing Whitepapers

AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Exam Contents

Domain 1.0: Monitoring and Metrics

Domain 2.0: High Availability

Domain 3.0: Analysis

  • Optimize the environment to ensure maximum performance
  • Identify performance bottlenecks and implement remedies
  • Identify potential issues on a given application deployment

Domain 4.0: Deployment and Provisioning

  • Demonstrate the ability to build the environment to conform with the architected design
  • Demonstrate the ability to provision cloud resources and manage implementation automation

Domain 5.0: Data Management

Domain 6.0: Security

  • Implement and manage security policies
  • Ensure data integrity and access controls when using the AWS platform
  • Demonstrate understanding of the shared responsibility model
  • Demonstrate ability to prepare for security assessment use of AWS

Domain 7.0: Networking

  • Demonstrate ability to implement networking features of AWS
    • includes topics VPC
  • Demonstrate ability to implement connectivity features of AWS

NOTE: I have just marked the topics inline with the AWS Exam Blue Print. So be sure to check the same, as it is updated regularly and go through Whitepapers, FAQs and Re-Invent videos.

AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Exam Resources


  • Purchased the acloud guru AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate 2017 course from udemy (should get it for $10-$15 on discount) helps to get a clear picture of the the format, topics and relevant sections
  • Opinion : acloud guru course are good by itself but is not sufficient to pass the exam but might help to counter about 50-60% of exam questions
  • Signed up with AWS for the Free Tier account which provides a lot of the Services to be tried for free with certain limits which are more then enough to get things going. Be sure to decommission anything, if you using any thing beyond the free limits, preventing any surprises 🙂
  • Also, used the QwikLabs for all the introductory courses which are free and allow you to try out the services multiple times (I think its max 5, as I got the warnings couple of times)
  • Update: Qwiklabs seems to have reduced the free courses quite a lot and now provide targeted labs for AWS Certification exams which are charged
  • Read the FAQs atleast for the important topics, as they cover important points and are good for quick review
  • Did not purchase the AWS Practice exams, as the questions are available all around. But if you want to check the format, it might be useful.
  • You can also check practice tests

24 thoughts on “AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Exam Learning Path

  1. Hi, just passed sysops associate exam with 89% result. Your blog and learning path was my main study source, wouldn’t have passed without. Cheers!

    1. Hi Markus,

      Congrats !!

      I completed my Dev/SA certs. Starting on SysOps. Can you please list down, the sections here in the blog that you had to prepare.

      Jayendra did list out them as topics. But just making sure. I want to “stay in the box” and stick to needed topics only.

      Hi Jayendra,

      May be you can guide me as well 🙂

      Thanks & Regards

  2. Hi Jayendra:
    Looks like the topics missing lings are: “Storage Gateway, S3” in
    include topics Automated Backups, Storage Gateway, S3
    “VPN, Direct Connect” in
    includes topics VPN, Direct Connect

    Btw.. I completed CDA & CSA certs using your blog. Greatest resource for AWS cert paths.

  3. Braincert vs Whizlabs are they similar or same? Do we need to look at both?
    Please advise.
    How is the quality of questions on BrainCert?
    I already have whizlabs.

  4. Hi Jayendra,

    I just passed my sysops cert today! I am still flipping through your blog posts right before the exam and even came across some similar concepts/questions on the exam.

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful resources in your blog and for curating a great blog for helping us to prepare AWS exams!


  5. Hi jayendrapatil,

    Thanks for your blog. I’ve cleared my AWS Sysops Exam today. Your Blog info are very useful to help clear AWS Sysops exam.

  6. >>Opinion : acloud guru course are good by itself but is not sufficient to pass the exam but might help to counter about 50-60% of exam questions

    100% True!!!

  7. Thank you, Jayndra for such a wonderful blog capturing minute details of every other service.

    I could clear my sysops certification after reading your blog. Some of the questions came from the list of questions you have put up on this site.

    Thank you so much.

  8. Hi Jayendra,

    I’ve just passed AWS SysOps with 90%

    Overall Score: 90%

    Topic Level Scoring:
    1.0  Monitoring and Metrics: 100%
    2.0  High Availability: 100%
    3.0  Analysis: 77%
    4.0  Deployment and Provisioning: 75%
    5.0  Data Management: 100%
    6.0  Security: 100%
    7.0  Networking: 85%

    I’d like to thank you for your blog. It’s very helpful. Many questions are in your blog.

    Thanks so much

  9. Hi Jayendrapatil,
    Today I cleared my sysops associate certification. Thanks for the detailed course material with sample questions related to sysops associate exam, helped me a lot to clear the exam.

    I appreciate the efforts you have been putting to constantly update the site also guiding people like me to clear the exam.

  10. Hi Jayendra,

    Really nice site for certification. today I wrote AWS SYSOPS and cleared with 90 % the given materials really helped alot to enhance my knowledge.

    Thanks for taking this initiative for creating the blog.


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